Meet Eligibility

All Jakarta AquaDragon swimmers have the opportunity to compete throughout the year as outlined below:

Away Meets (outside of Indonesia)

Priority is given in order:

First -  Platinum, Gold and Silver swimmers who have 80% Attendance

Second - Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze A swimmers who have a minimum of 60% Attendance

Third - All other AquaDragon swimmers

Home and Away Meets (in Jakarta)

Swimmers in Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze A may compete

Swimmers in SwimFit and Bronze B may compete with coach approval

Internal Meets (such as Dragon Dash, PEP Relay)

All swimmers are eligible to participate

Developmental Meets

Swimmers in Bronze B and Bronze C may compete


**In addition to Medals and Ribbons received at various swim meets, Dragon Dash and Naga Challenge Achievement Awards will be presented at the end of each Semester at an Awards Ceremony. Dragon Dash awards are based on time standards achieved at Dragon Dash internal meets only. Naga Challenge awards are achieved through participation in all events throughout the year.