Meet Eligibility

All Jakarta AquaDragon swimmers have the opportunity to compete throughout the year as outlined below:

Away Meets (outside of Indonesia)

Priority is given in order:

First -  Platinum, Gold and Silver swimmers who have 80% Attendance

Second - Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze A swimmers who have a minimum of 60% Attendance

Home and Away Meets (in Jakarta)

Swimmers in Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze A may compete

Swimmers in SwimFit and Bronze B may compete with coach approval

Internal Meets (such as Dragon Dash, PEP Relay)

All swimmers are eligible to participate

Developmental Meets

Swimmers in Bronze B and Bronze C may compete


**In addition to Medals and Ribbons received at various swim meets, Dragon Dash and Naga Challenge Achievement Awards will be presented at the end of each Semester at an Awards Ceremony.